Accommodating Student’s Needs with Quizzes in Canvas

Accommodating Student’s Needs with Quizzes in Canvas


Accommodating a student’s needs with quizzes does not have to be a burden in Canvas. Whether your student needs more time, additional attempts, or needs to take the quiz in the KLC, Canvas has you covered:

Adding Additional Times & Attempts:

Once your quiz is published, you can go to the quiz information page and find the Moderate Quizzes option in the right sidebar. Just find the students name and click the pencil to edit that students time limit and attempts. Learn more with this Canvas guide called “Once I publish a timed quiz, how can I give my students extra time?”.

Setting Up a Different Quiz Start Time for an Individual Student

Some students need to take their quiz in the Kissinger Learning Center to help alleviate test anxiety and provide a distraction free test area. You can give these students a different start and end time for their quizzes by using the +Add button under the quiz dates. Learn more with this Canvas guide called “How do I assign a quiz to an individual student or course section?”.

Timer Anxiety

Some students feel anxiety when they see the timer for a timed quiz counting down. To help alleviate this stress, Canvas has a “hide” link in the timer area of the quiz that will…surprise…hide the timer from view. Students are able to click “show” at any time to reveal the remaining time. This does not prevent the warning message that time is running out.

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