Answers to 3 Common Canvas Questions (and a Bonus)

Answers to 3 Common Canvas Questions (and a Bonus)


As we Countdown to Classes, here are some answers to common Canvas questions:

1. Where are my new courses? Canvas is set up so that your enrollments will automatically be added to your course, but this means that you must request new courses each semester. It’s easy! Browse to (Academic) and click “My Schedule” in the Faculty Center. Then select the Add to Canvas button. Your courses will be ready within two hours.

2. Can I reuse my content from last year? Canvas allows you to import content from a previous course in the Settings for the new course. Here’s a quick tip sheet on all the steps.

3. Why don’t I see my new courses? Now that we’ve been using Canvas for a while, your new courses will not automatically appear on the dashboard. You can add a course to the dashboard by going to Course > All Courses and then clicking the stars to the left of the course names. Those with gold stars will appear on the dashboard and those white stars won’t.

BONUS: How do I cross-list my Canvas courses? If you have courses listed across departments or if you have two sections of the same course, you can cross-list your course by following these directions. They are a little confusing, so let us know if you run into any trouble.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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