Link to a Specific Place in a Google Doc

Link to a Specific Place in a Google Doc

logo_docs_64pxEvery once in a while I learn something new about Google Docs that I just have to share. This tip comes for the BetterCloud Monitor newsletter and I’m sure it will be helpful to a lot of you.

Have you ever needed to have people get to a single spot in your Google Doc? Have you ever said something like, “It’s on page 31, two paragraphs below the heading and next to the diagram?” Google Docs makes it easier by allowing you to put a bookmark in that spot and generating a link that will take your readers right to where they need to be. Pretty cool, huh?!

For written directions and a video on how to do this, check out the BetterCloud Monitor article: “How to Link to a Specific Paragraph in Google Docs”


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