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One Intention

One Intention

The number one

The loudest voice we hear is our own.  The conversation with self is the longest running conversation in our lives. Unabated, and often filled with self-doubt, insecurity, and wondering what others think, our discourse continues.  “I’m not good at technology”, “I wish I could teach like…”, or “I should be doing this or that” can be the stories we tell again and again as we judge ourselves and our teaching. These stories may be fiction, but we come to accept them as “who we are for all time” and operate as though it is truth.

How do we silence the noise and develop self-compassion and focus?

Start by identifying one intention.

For the semester to come, identify one intention and stay committed to it.  It might be to become better at engaging with students, adopting new technology, or collaborating with colleagues in other departments.  Allow one intention to break through all the scattered thoughts that distract and derail.  Allow this one intention to inform everything you do until it becomes embedded as a deliberate part of your teaching.

Nothing but Love,