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In Case You Missed It: Videoconferencing

In Case You Missed It: Videoconferencing

In case you missed the Videoconferencing: Google Hangouts and Canvas Conferences Workshop (or even if  you were there), here’s an outline of what we covered and some links to additional information:

Tim shared a number of tips on how to approach videoconferencing, including:

  • Use a headset with microphone for best sound quality and eliminate feedback: When sound travels from your speaker and is picked up by your microphone then an echo loop can form creating an unpleasant audio experience for all.  If you do not have a microphone headset, then you can mute your microphone when not speaking
  • Speak naturally but slow and clear: No need to shout.
  • Place a light or lamp in front of you to illuminate your face: If the light source is behind you it will cause you to silhouette such that your face is dark and not clearly visible.
  • Be Yourself.
  • You will need to grant permission for the video conferencing platform and the browser (Chrome or Firefox) to have access to your camera and microphone before you begin.
  • IRC has equipment for videoconferencing. Equipment for faculty use, including a webcam and group microphone/speaker, can be requested via email at

Tim walked us through the process of using Google Hangouts and Canvas Conferences:

  • Google Hangouts is a personal video conferencing solution that is part of our Google Apps for Education suite. It can be used with people both inside and outside of the university. Online documentation for using Google Hangouts is here.
  • Conferences is a video conferencing tool built in to Canvas. It can be used only with people in the university system. Online documentation for using Canvas Conferences is here. Scroll down to the section on conferences to become familiar with using this tool.

As always, if you have questions or would like to sit down and learn more, feel free to reach out to us via email ( or stop by the IRC office in Decker 45.